Cahill Digital fixes broken WordPress sites

Cahill Digital fixes broken Wordpress sites

Cahill Digital - we fix broken WordPress sitesWordPress is a great system to run your website, but it is not without its idiosyncrasies. Cahill Digital has 16 years of experience with WordPress.  We  fix broken WordPress sites. Whatever your problem is, we’ve likely seen it before.

  • Hacked sites
  • Traffic swamps server
  • Banned by Google
  • Update problems
  • Broken plugins
  • Stuck in maintenance mode

The key for our success fixing WordPress sites is our experience. We take a holistic approach and evaluate your problem in terms of the whole setup.  From server to software to setup, all of it makes a difference and can likely be optimized to get you better performance and solve your site problem. For example, did you know that the WordPress default database schema uses MyIsam tables that will lock up when you hit 50,000 posts?  It’s a fairly simple fix.

In the past we’ve were the ones to fix  broken WordPress sites  for people like where their success was straining thelr servers, causing daily outages and frustrating the site owners.  We were able to diagnose the issue as a traffic problem and mitigate the issue through better server setup without adding new servers to their cluster.  Similarly we were able to protect against a traffic spike when someone posted an article that GM was bought by the government of China, prompting what seemed like their entire population of 1,379 billion people to take a look at the ‘just a little joke” article.

You’ll find a wealth of articles both on this site related to WordPress as well as literally hundreds on my personal site.

If you’ve got a broken WordPress site, get in touch and we’ll give you an assessment. Often the problem is something simple which can be fixed easily.  If it’s a tough problem, you’ll be glad you came to Cahill Digital!