Cahill Digital manages analytics
Kissmetrics does a great job of explaining bounce rate in this infographic. Click for full size version.

Cahill Digital offers full analytics services, from setup to reporting to tuning.

Smart clients want to attract more traffic to their website.That’s a great goal, but the real problem is converting the traffic they’ve already got. If your site wasn’t designed to accomplish a goal, i.e. complete a sale, or get the user to fill out a form to provide you with valuable sales lead information, it’s probably not doing what you need it to do.

Results.  That’s what you really want, and Cahill Digital understands that.  The goal is not simply getting traffic, it’s getting your traffic to DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE.

What’s the real purpose of your website?

This is what your site should be designed to achieve. The brass ring.

Think of this as your online elevator pitch.  You’ve got a limited amount of time before the user moves on to something else, somewhere else. Explain immediately why you are important to them and don’t make them work for it!

As with all things in business you need to have concrete means to validate results.  In analytics, Bounce Rate is king. It tells you if your users are getting what they came for.

Cahill Digital will analyze your traffic reports and find ways to improve the flow of traffic through your site to get users doing what you want them to do.

That can be as simple as:

  • Call you
  • Give you their email address
  • Buy Something
  • Sign up for membership
  • Read more about your business or services

Contact us to find out how we can use analytics to get you better results.