DragonFlyWoodArts.com – Editing and SEO on a Website Builder Site

We talk a lot about WordPress and other content managed sites, but what about sites built on proprietary website builders? We had a just such a project recently and it’s worth discussing.

DragonFlyWoodArts.com came to us with a site built on their host’s Website Builder software. It’s a typical easy to use, do it yourself web site creation system. The owner had crafted a good looking site, with built in ecommerce that really worked for his company. However there were e few rough edges, and as a top wood working artisan, he wanted them sanded down and properly finished.

DragonFlyWoodArts.com showcases their beautiful artisan built cutting boards, with customized laser engraved logos and family crests. Each cutting board is custom made to order with the finest of woods, creating the perfect gift for a housewarming, hostess gift, or as a business thank you for realtors, contractors, etc.

The issues we needed to resolve were some bumps in the ecommerce system, which involved handling of product variants, providing real-time site analytics, and getting the site into search results (an ongoing process, to be sure).

The real story here is that while we talk about complex sites, there are many things that can be done fairly inexpensively to help your simple site. Minor shopping cart fixes, getting your site setup to be added to Google and Bing, as well as working long term to get actual results from search. As noted many times, the Internet has taken the place of the Yellow Pages and if you want to be found, you need to be findable!

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