SEO Starter Deal

Small Business Search Engine Optimization Deal

Our motto is “Websites that get results” and with this incredible deal, we’re out to prove it to you.  For the low price of $100 we will:

  • Create 2 SEO targeted pages for your website
  • Get them indexed in Google
  • Show you the power of local search!

How’s it work?

We will help you select the right keywords for your pages, designed to get you more business for your site, then we will create 2 pages targeting those two keyword pairs.  We will then request indexing from Google and show you the before and after difference in your listing.

What is a local search engine optimization?

Local search engine optimization is creating content to allow your site to be listed under specific keywords including a geographic indicator.  Thus when someone enters “Tractor Tires Sutton MA” your page targeting that keyword would show up.  After all, Google is kind of like the Yellow Pages used to be.

Any catches?

The standard stuff, we would need access to your site, the ability to authenticate our Google Webmaster account on your site and we’ll assume it’s not written in some arcane language, so generally limited to HTML, WordPress, Drupal or other standard systems (talk to us, we’ll let you know if we can work with your site).

We’ll also assume that you’re not going to want us to target any really common search terms.  We’ll go after “Construction Lawyer Sutton MA” but let’s say “Lawyer” alone is a fairly well saturated term and not worth our efforts.  Again, talk to us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Basically, we reserve our right of final approval on this deal.

Get started by calling (508) 335-4091 or emailing