Google SEO Guide for A/B Testing

For established sites, big changes virtually require A/B testing to ensure continued we maintain our search engine rankings.  For most of us, this is a gray area fraught with danger.  Any prudent developer worries what’s going to happen if they make a mistake.

Today SearchEngineLand brings us the Google SEO Guide for Multivariate A/B Testing

No Cloaking

Use rel=“canonical”

Use 302s, Not 301s

Don’t Run Experiments Longer Than Necessary

Go to the article for the full text.  For the most part, this is what we expected., Google hates cloaking in all forms, a canonical link is a no brainer, and 302 redirects are made for just this type of circumstance.

You aren’t A/B testing big changes?  Click here to find out more from Smashing Magazine….


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