Migrating from Drupal to WordPress

On my personal blog, I just posted a series of Mysql database scripts that will help you migrate from Drupal to WordPress (Drupal 6.22 to WordPress 3.4.2 specifically).  I was very surprised to find so little out there on the subject.

You can read my full post on the script at Allthingscahill.com – but I thought I’d put a few observations here.

  • Drupal content in the 6.22 version at least contains tons of inlines styles.  This will make it hard for you if you’re doing a major theme shift.  On the other hand, your content block will most likely maintain its formatting if you’re not making a big change.
  • The db to db script I worked with does not move the images into the media library. If I had more time and if this site was staying in WP, I’d definitely go a different route and use the db scripts to create a WXR file for import so my content is properly moved.
  • Drupal categories apparently aren’t completely unique.  It was a problem for my move, as Snark appears to be the same category slug as snark to WordPress.  It took a little data massaging to get it right.

Well, give the post a read if you’re looking for more info on how to migrate Drupal to WordPress.  If I do another move, especially from Drupal 7, I will most likely create a WXR and perhaps I’ll release the script for reuse or hand it off to my friends at Automatic (the folks who make WordPress).

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